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HDF Laminate with 100% Germen Techonology production with German Shattdecor printed paper.

is a budget yet durable flooring which become popular among the consumers due to its hardwood natural look for an affordable rate, easier maintenance and easy installation process.


Product Layout  Structure

Product Specifications

Dimension 8.3mm x 193mm x 1213mm
Packaging 8 pcs per pack / 20.15 sqft per pack
Class 31 (AC 3)
Finishes Melamine Resin and Aluminium Oxide, V4 Bevelled
Formaldehyde El Category
Surface Double Loc Click
Emboss Fine emboss texture
Warranty 15 years for Residential
5 years for Light Commercial

Characteristic Test Method Result
Abrasion resistance EN 13329 AC 3
Impact resistance EN 13329 IC 1
Thickness swelling EN 13329 ≤18%
Stain Resistance EN 438 LEVEL 4
Fire rating & Smoke development GB 20286 Bf1-S2, t1
Cigarettes burn resistance EN 438 LEVEL 5
Formaldehyde Emissions DIN EN 120 E1

Here are the colour range available:-

Classic Laminate Series V4 Bevelled Laminate Series

YZ602-6  Cherry 2 Strips

V4-14-10075-108 Valley Oak

14-10075-108  Valley Oak

V4-14-10110-104 Antique Medium Oak

14-24007-002  Samoa Teak

V4-14-10110-108 Antique White Oak

14-24008-106  Siam Teak

V4-14-24008-106 Siam Teak

14-24935-102 Junggar Teak Excl

V4-14-24935-102 Junggar Teak Excl

What makes TOPFLOR so unique & revolutionary?

Floating System
TOPFLOR is a floating floor therefore it does not need to be attached to the subfloor. Just simply install it straight on PE foam over most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, timber, concrete, and even your existing vinyl floor.

15 years warranty on Residential, 5 year warranty on Light Commercial.

Moisture Resistance

Application of microcrystalline moisture resistant wax on 4 sided clicks which act as an additional barrier against moisture.

Environmental Friendly
Comply with GB/T24024:2001 idf ISO 4024:1999 standard and the technical requirement for enviromental labeling product issued by SEPA.
Fire Resistant
Certified Bfl-S2 based on GB20286.

Resistant to Cigarette Burns
Rating Level 5, with high resistant to cigarette burns (EN438).

Resistant to Stains
High resistant to stains, rating Level 4 based onEN438 standard.

Very low formaldehyde emission — El category
It has been certified under the test standard of DIN EN120 for determination of formaldehyde content.


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