Konecto Click

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100% pure virgin vinyl resilient flooring

KONECTO CLICK is the perfect solution if you are looking for 100% water proof and termite free flooring. This is the latest in a long line of innovative flooring products has been equipped with patented CLICK system for simple and glue-less installation. This unique feature of interlocking panels, has a perfect waterproof connection between the planks that virtually leaves no room for the water to seep through, and it can cope with the most extreme humidity.

Product Layout Structure

Product Specifications

Dimension 4mm x 190mm x 1210mm
Wear Layer Thickness 0.3mm
Finishes Ceramic Bead Technology
Embossing Barnide
Packing 10 pcs per pack / 24.75 sqft per pack
Warranty 25 years for Residential
10 years for Light Commercial

Installation Method

Barnside Collection

KC1071 Red Cherry

KC4181 Black Walnut

KC4107 Ice Maple

KC54616 Aspen Oak Silver

KC4142 Buttercream

KC54617 Aspen Oak White

KC4146 Hazelnut

KC546128 Aspen Oak Black

What makes KONECTO CLICK so unique & revolutionary?

Floating System
KENECTO CLICK is a floating floor therefore it does not need to be attached to the subfloor. Just simply install it straight over most hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, timber, concrete, and even your existing vinyl floor. Underlay not required.Floating System.

VERTEX guarantees that 25 years for residential, up to 10 years warranty for commercial.

Slip Resistance
KONECTO CLICK has been certified for DIN 51130 standard for slip resistance.

100% Waterproof
KONECTO CLICK is made from top quality virgin resins and, because it is not constructed from wood, the floor does not swell or deform under the influence of water.

Termite Free
Will not breed any dust mites, termite, or any wood worms because this flooring is not constructed from wood.

Environmental Friendly
Produced using virgin vinyl as well as recyclable material Environmentally friendly production methods.

Suitable for most subfloor surfaces and conditions.

Commercial Grade Wear Layer
KONECTO CLICK locking comes with a high commercial grade wear layer that makes it so durable that the products can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

CLIC Locking system
It hat has been equipped with patented CLICK system for simple and glue-less installation.

Very low formaldehyde emission — El category

It has been certified under the test standard of EN717-1 for determination of formaldehyde content.


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