HDF Laminate Flooring

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Have you ever dream of having a natural feeling feeling within your living environment or working place? If you do, TOPFLOR Laminate Flooring is the answer. TOPFLOR Laminate Flooring is a budget yet durable flooring which has become popular among the consumers due to its hardwood appearance for an affordable rate and easy installation process. Laminate Flooring is far more resistant than the real hardwood and easier to maintain.

TOPFLOR HDF laminate flooring is a glueless installation system flooring with features of inter-locking click profile. For choosing a laminate flooring, we are utilizing less harvested wood therefore it is part of the green policy.

Product Specification
Plank Dimension: 8.3mm  x 193mm  x 1213mm
Packaging information: 8 pieces per box (1.873m2 /20.152sqft)
Profile: Double Loc Click
Class: AC3 / Class 31
Very low formaldehyde emission - E1 category
Fine Emboss Texture
Warranty: 15 years for residential
4 sides profile to be applied with wax application


The structure of the laminate flooring as follow

1st layer - High Resistance Overlay which sealed with Melamie Resin and Alluminium Oxide finishes
2nd layer - Decorative paper which comes in an array of wood effect
3rd layer - High Density Fiberboard - is actually a type of fiberboard is very much similar to a particle board or medium density fiberboard but is denser, much stronger and harder because it is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed. It will not split or crack
4th layer - high value back paper which provides the moisture barrier and reinforces the structural integrity of the board


Product standard

Design with barrier core material wear layer decorative film special features
Resin based backing , very low emulsion E1 Formaldehyde, Melanine overlay paper
Impregnated decorative paper, 4 sides moisture protection, deep emboss


Level of use
EN 13329
Class 23/31
Abrasion class
EN 13329
IP-value: > 2500 revolutions
Impact Resistance
EN 13329
IC 1
Static Indentation
EN 13329
No visible change, I.e. < 0.01mm indentation
using a straight steel cylinder, O = 11.30mm
Dimensional variations after changes in relative humidity,  l, w
EN 13329
l average < 0.9mm
w average < 0.9mm
Light Fastness
EN 13329
Blue wool scale, not worse than 6,
Grey scale, not worse than 4
Resistance to cigarette burns
EN 13329
> Grade 4
Resistance to Staining
EN 13329
5, group 1 and 2
4, group 3
Effect of furniture leg
No damage shall be visible, when tested with foot type 0
Effect of a castor chair
No damage in appearance or damage, as defined in EN 425
Formaldehyde Emission
EN 717
E1 value : 0.125mg/m3 = 0.1ppm

Here are the colour range available:-


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